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To RESHAPE the number of elements must not change.

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rows = 450;
cols = 450;
samples = 1024;
samples = size(data2d,2);
Data = reshape(data2d,cols,rows,samples);
Data = flip(Data,1);
I have the data2d of 168921*1024
It gives me reshape error ??
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Rik il 21 Ago 2019
You are asking Matlab to put 172975104 elements in an array with 207360000 elements. What do you want to happen?

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Guillaume il 21 Ago 2019
Well, yes as the error message says, the number of elements must no change. You tell us that currently data2 has 168921 (* 1024) elements and want to reshape to 450*450 (* 1024) = 202500 (* 1024) elements. 202500 is not equal to 168921, so indeed you can't reshape.
You need to choose a different shape or change your input so that it has the same numbers of element as your desired shape.

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