Convert from datenum to yymmddHHMMSS

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I have a large list of dates which I previously converted from yymmddhhmmss format to datenum format using
Now, at the end of a lot of processing, I'd like to reverse this process, to make presentation of my data more readable.
I have tried this:
formatOut='yymmddHHMMSS'; %convert datenum back to original filename format
short_files=datestr(short_files, formatOut);
out=('short_files.csv'); %.csv filename with serialNo
out = sprintf('%s_%d%s',fnm,serialNo,ext);
and while this works in my list of variables, when I export to .csv, the values I get look like this:
1.90704E+11 .

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Aug 2019
dlmwrite() assumes that the inputs are numeric unless you specify the 'precision' option with a format code such as '%s'
You should
outfile = fullfile(OutputDirectoryName, out);
fid = fopen(outfile, 'wt');
for K = 1 : size(short_files,1)
fprintf(fid, '%s\n', short_files(K,:));
Or you should skip the problem by using datetime objects and tables and writetable()
Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson on 4 Sep 2019
Hi Walter, I figured it out by just doing this:
short_files=datestr(short_files_list, formatOut);
out=('short_files.csv'); %.csv filename with serialNo
out = sprintf('%s_%d%s',fnm,serialNo,ext);
dlmwrite(fullfile(folder,out),short_files,'delimiter',''); %write output to separate .csv
...this converts the filename back to the format I am interested in and writes to the csv all good.
Thanks for your help

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