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Satellite image spatial references?

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Hi i have two question: - When i use geotiffread for satellite image georeference's how can i have access to it's spatial references to be able to compare them with an other satellite image of the same place but with a different field ?
- For sentinel 2 image i have or a XML file or all the seperate bands in jp2 in this case how can i have acess to the spatial references ? Thanks very much for your answer.


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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 6 Sep 2019
According to the documentation geotiffread returns a spatial referencing object of the file.
[boston, R] = geotiffread('boston.tif');
Here, R contains the spatial reference object.
R =
MapCellsReference with properties:
XWorldLimits: [764317.995579396 779019.409746063]
YWorldLimits: [2951122.28480912 2960574.36564245]
RasterSize: [2881 4481]
RasterInterpretation: 'cells'
ColumnsStartFrom: 'north'
RowsStartFrom: 'west'
CellExtentInWorldX: 3.28083333333333
CellExtentInWorldY: 3.28083333333333
RasterExtentInWorldX: 14701.4141666667
RasterExtentInWorldY: 9452.08083333332
XIntrinsicLimits: [0.5 4481.5]
YIntrinsicLimits: [0.5 2881.5]
TransformationType: 'rectilinear'
CoordinateSystemType: 'planar'

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Gamliel Roos
Gamliel Roos on 18 Sep 2019
Thanks for your answer,
Is there a possibility to also open Sentinel 2 images with geotiffread or in another way to get MapCellsReference.
The Sentinel 2 fields are:
S2 image.jpg

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