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remove chunkSize while creating a nc file in matlab

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I am creating a .nc file after processing another file in MATLAB. I want the created .nc file to be of exactly the same format as the original size for which I need Chunk Size and Fill value as '[ ]' .
For that I have disabled the FIll Value and have not mentioned the ChunkSize, but still the created .nc file shows a chunksize of [180,90,6,12]. I need help regarding removing chunking.
catnc = strcat('');
nccreate(catnc,modvv_BC,'datatype','single','Dimensions',{'lon' 360 'lat' 180 'level' 6 'time' 12}, 'FillValue','disable');
ncwriteatt(catnc, modvv_BC, 'long_name', 'flux of BC');
ncwriteatt(catnc, modvv_BC, 'units', 'mcl m-2 s-1');
ncwriteatt(catnc, modvv_BC, 'molar_mass', '12.0100');

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