Difference between gTruth and pixellabeldata images

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I am training a CNN for image segmentaion. I labled few images (two objects A and B) using image labler. when i load data for training using pixelLabelImageDatastore(imds,pxds); it gives :
Name PixelCount ImagePixelCount
_________ __________ _______________
'A' 4113 6.5536e+05
'B' 11231 6.5536e+05
and when I use pixelLabelImageDatastore(gTruth); it gives
Name PixelCount ImagePixelCount
_________ __________ _______________
'A' 11231 6.5536e+05
'B' 6.4002e+05 6.5536e+05
Why the valuse are different if original image and labeld images are same. and what does pixel count and image pixel count valuse represnts. ?

Accepted Answer

Sourav Bairagya
Sourav Bairagya on 19 Sep 2019
‘ImagePixelCount’ represents the total number of pixels present in the image.
‘PixelCount’ represents the number of pixels corresponding to a object i.e. for object ‘A’ or for object ‘B’.
The difference in the values of ‘PixelCount’for ‘gTruth’ and ‘imds’ object may be coming from the difference in the way through which the information is stored in those two types of object.
For more information you can follow this link.

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