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Dear support,
After instaling the license manager on ubuntu server, and installing matlab client on Redhat server, I could connect to the server but there were some error.
I noticed every call of matab it asks for activation, I insert the license.dat as described in documentation, but on the License manager server i get this error :
... (MLM) UNSUPPORTED: "MATLAB" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS ) root@client (No such feature exists. (-5,346)).
Could you please tell me what is the problem?

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 12 Set 2019
MATLAB Parallel Server has a different license (aka "feature") line than MATLAB does. So when you are trying to start a worker, it's looking for a MATLAB Parallel Server license line. When you start MATLAB, it's looking for something else entirely.
So your MATLAB client should be getting a MATLAB license from somewhere. If you had a MATLAB license line in your license file, it would have started.
I'd suggest calling technical support to get the licensing sorted out.
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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 12 Set 2019
Said another way:
The MATLAB client needs access to MATLAB+Parallel Computing Toolbox licenses.
The MATLAB Parallel Server installation needs access to MATLAB Parallel Server licenses.
Right now your client MATLAB install is attempting to get a license from a license server that (probably) only has MATLAB Parallel Server licenses to give out.
The error is the server saying "I don't have this MATLAB feature listed, so I can't serve a license for it"
Redouane Bouchouirbat
Redouane Bouchouirbat il 16 Set 2019
Thank you for your answer.
I had the license file with this line :
INCREMENT MATLAB_Distrib_Comp_Engine MLM 41
NOTICE="product=MATLAB Parallel Server"
I installed the license file manager and the client
but when I launch matlab on the client server it could not find the product ("that feature").
So thank you I will contact the support as you suggested.

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