cluster connection test fail

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Jeremy Bulleid
Jeremy Bulleid il 18 Set 2019
Commentato: Jeremy Bulleid il 23 Set 2019
Unable to deduce the correct cluster version to use for a HPC Server head node

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 18 Set 2019
The simplest possible solution is to explictly set the version of HPC Server you are connecting to in the cluster profile to match what your cluster uses. Beyond that, this has changed somewhat over the releases that we have supported this integration, so I can't tell you the exact picks and clicks to get there. It also also matter what MATLAB release you are using with what release of HPC Server, too.
Other suggestions:
  • Ensure that your client version of the HPC Server tools and the cluster are on the same release, including updates. Things can change slightly between updates that might change things.
  • Verify that you can run the built-in Diagnostics from the HPC Server tools -- they have a suite of basic tests that test cluster connection, job submission, etc. These should all pass.


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