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Error saying 'The second argument must be a scalar object of type wlanMACFrameConfig.'

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Soumya Nambiar
Soumya Nambiar on 25 Sep 2019
Answered: Charan Jadigam on 12 Mar 2020
I am trying one of the examples as seen below;
macConfig = wlanMACFrameConfig('FrameType','Beacon');
[frame,frameLength] = wlanMACFrame(macConfig,'OutputFormat','bits');
Running this throws an error:
Error using wlanMACFrame>validateInputs (line 292)
The second argument must be a scalar object of type wlanMACFrameConfig.
Error in wlanMACFrame (line 94)
[payload, macConfig, phyConfig] = validateInputs(inputs);
Error in beacon_transceiver (line 28)
[frame, mpduLength] = wlanMACFrame(beaconFrameConfig, 'OutputFormat', 'bits');
Could someone help me with what I can try next?

Answers (2)

Charan Jadigam
Charan Jadigam on 12 Mar 2020
Unfortunately, there is no feature of changing Output format in MATLAB R2019a which can be verified in the documentation here. By default, the second argument is always object of type ‘wlanMACFrameConfig’.
But, this feature has been added in MATLAB R2019b, hence the same command works perfectly in R2019b. For details regarding ‘Output Format’ in MATLAB R2019b go through this link.




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