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Getting Mac Menubar in the right spot in 2012B

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I just installed 2012B on a Mac, running Lion. I know that Matlab can now put its menus in the proper place in the mac menu bar, but that stateflow disables this. I found instructions for fixing this and fixed it in the previous release, but can't find those instructions any more. How do I do it? I don't use stateflow, so I'm willing to uninstall that if necessary.

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell il 15 Set 2012
The documentation you are looking for is in the release notes for R2011a:
That said, with the new interface, MATLAB essentially doesn't have a fully populated menubar any longer (on all platforms, not just Macs).
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Roy Goodman
Roy Goodman il 17 Set 2012
@Ken, Before I fixed it, I noticed that the contents of the menubar appeared at the top of figure windows, and in the main desktop window when a figure was docked. The fix puts these items back in the menubar. (I have to think that this is a detail that the developers missed, because these menu items are not figure-specific.
Seeing all the options available to me in the menubar, I have to wonder why such a useful menuing system was taken away from the user and I agree with @Malcolm, that this is a step backward for usability, at least for experienced users.
Space on the mac menubar is free. The menubar is there whether you populate it or not. Getting rid of it leaves a lot of useless white space on my screen and putting all this information in a ribbon instead means I have to consciously think about how to accomplish a task when I'm in MATLAB, since it's now different from all the other programs I run on the mac. Given all this, I don't see why adding a ribbon requires depopulating the menubar.
Malcolm Lidierth
Malcolm Lidierth il 17 Set 2012
I raised the problem during the pre-release phase. They did not miss it. It was a design decision (well, a decision anyway).

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