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convert from hdf5 format to matlab

Asked by khaled shalabi on 26 Sep 2019
Latest activity Edited by Cam Salzberger on 30 Sep 2019
i did a measurment in the lab and got the results with HDF5 format
i want to read this files in matlab , so could you please give me exactly what should i do ?


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1 Answer

Answer by Cam Salzberger on 26 Sep 2019

Hey Khaled,
Have you tried h5read? This page should show an example of how to read the data.


Hey Cam
Thanks for your answer
Actually yes i tried it but matlab returned me an error
if you can help me i will send you one of these files by email and you can try it from your side.
Hey Khaled,
That's not really the purpose of this MATLAB Answers forum. The idea is that users post the issues they are dealing with, people in the community with applicable knowledge help out, and then the resolution to the issue can be found later by others who run into the same problem.
So if you post the error you are getting, someone may be able to give you a pointer in the right direction. If the issue ends up being specific to your data file, then you will probably be better served by contacting MathWorks technical support.
If you do find or receive a solution to the issue later, feel free to post it here as well, so that others can benefit!

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