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How can I link the last white dot line pixels of the image?

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I want to link the last white pixels (lines,dots) of the image as you see it. Measuring from bottom to top of the image are the first white dot like pixels you see.
Thank you
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Matt J
Matt J il 27 Set 2019
"the first white pixels as you count from bottom to top"
I don't know what this means. Do you mean the bottom-most white pixel in each column of the image?
Stelios Fanourakis
Stelios Fanourakis il 27 Set 2019
Yeah. The last white pixels of every column. If you notice they form a wave shape curve between them. Can I connect them?

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Matt J
Matt J il 27 Set 2019
Modificato: Matt J il 27 Set 2019
This assumes that every column has at least one white pixel in it:
newImage=accumarray(B{1},1,size(Image)) ;

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