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How to test RNN (layrecnet) ?

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Risposto: Jash Kadu il 13 Lug 2022
I have trained my time series data using Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)/ layrecnet function to make predictions.
Now i want to test the trained model with new(test) data.
Can anybody please confirm weather i have implemented the below code correctly?
XTrain = data(1:end-N);
YTrain = data(1:end-N);
YTest = data(end-N+1:end);
X = tonndata(XTrain,true,false);
T = tonndata(YTrain ,true,false);
X2 = tonndata(XTest,true,false);
T2 = tonndata(YTest ,true,false);
%% Build Recurrent neural network
net = layrecnet(1:2,10);
[Xs,Xi,Ai,Ts] = preparets(net,X,T);
net = train(net,Xs,Ts,Xi,Ai);
Y = net(Xs,Xi,Ai);
perf = perform(net,Y,Ts)
%% Test the model on new data
[Xs1,Xio,Aio] = preparets(net,X,T);
[Y1,Xfo,Afo] = net(Xs1,Xio,Aio);
[netc,Xic,Aic] = closeloop(net,Xfo,Afo);
[yPred,Xfc,Afc] = netc(X2,Xic,Aic);
TestPerformance = perform(net,yPred,T2);

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Jash Kadu
Jash Kadu il 13 Lug 2022
Please check out the documentation for Layer recurant neural network :
You can also run the following command;
openExample('nnet/RefLayRecNetExample') in your MATLAB editor to test it.


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