Take 1st and 2nd Derivative of Data Points

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Daniel Koziel
Daniel Koziel on 2 Oct 2019
Edited: Rohit Garud on 16 Aug 2020
I am having issues taking the derivative of experimental data. I have a vector (data_out) that is 2000x1 with experimental data inside. I want to take the 1st and 2nd derivative of this data with respect to a time vector (time) that is 2000x1. I've tried using gradient and diff functions in matlab but I have been unsuccessful.
Nadir Altinbas
Nadir Altinbas on 24 Oct 2019
Data should be in matrix form and then matrix regular operations apply

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Answers (1)

Rohit Garud
Rohit Garud on 16 Aug 2020
Edited: Rohit Garud on 16 Aug 2020
You can use the gradient() function
data_first_d = gradient(data_out(:)) ./ gradient(t(:))
data_second_d = gradient(data_first_d(:)) ./ gradient(t(:))

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