How to assign each axes to hold/keep its own image?

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I have this set of lines
set(get(gca,'children'),'cdata',squeeze(Img(:,:,S,:))); %% For Axes 1
set(get(gca,'children'),'cdata',squeeze(Img2(:,:,S2,:))) %% For Axes 2
set(get(gca,'children'),'cdata',squeeze(Img3(:,:,S3,:))) %% For Axes 3
But because of the hierarchy sequence I only get the Img3 at all axes. When I click upon each one of the axes I get the last image I assigned on this set of lines. How do I make it to keep its image for every each axes seperately? So Axes 1 should have Img, Axes 2 Img2 and Axes 3 Img3

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Rik il 8 Ott 2019
You should never use gcf or gca in code for a GUI. As your tags indicate you're using GUIDE: use the explicit handles to the axes object stored in the handles struct.
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Rik il 10 Ott 2019
Use the debugger. Follow the flow of your program. Find out where the properties of your slider are set. Find out when the results are different from what you expect.
The warning you see tells you that some code is setting the value property to something bigger than max. And then you get error that tells you your index is too big. That means either my code doesn't work, or the size is not retrieved correctly. Check both options.

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