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How can I get curvature of stream2?

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uchida yuki
uchida yuki il 9 Ott 2019
Risposto: Yoshio il 11 Ott 2019
Hi,MATLAB experts.
I want to get curvature of line drawn by stream2.
u and v are the velocity vectors in the x and y directions at 12,500 coordinates
I want to know the curvature of the streamline drawn by U and V at each coordinate.
[startx,starty]= meshgrid(-0.5:0.25:0.5,-0.25:0.01:0.25);
[m, n]=size(startx);
startx = reshape(startx,[1,m*n]);
starty = reshape(starty,[1,m*n]);
option= [0.1 50000];
streamline(X,Y,U,V,startx,starty, option)
hold on
streamline(X,Y,-U,-V,startx,starty, option)
hold off

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Yoshio il 11 Ott 2019
Seems your question is how to curculate curvature with (x,y) and (xdot, ydot), isn't it?
If so, you can find the many Q&A about curvature, not only for stream 2. It might be helpful for your question.


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