Threshold based EOG signal classification

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arunnagiri murrugesan
arunnagiri murrugesan il 13 Ott 2019
Commentato: Mahsa Rm il 29 Mag 2021
need to classify three classes up ,down, blink signals of EOG signals by thresholding . up, blink signals have same morphology.But down signal with different morphology. How to classify the up and blink signal ?
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Daniel M
Daniel M il 13 Ott 2019
I'm certain there is already code for this in the toolboxes fieldtrip and/or EEGLAB (or EEG-Blinks).
Mahsa Rm
Mahsa Rm il 29 Mag 2021
hi, I have the same project and I have problem classifying the eog up,down and blink signal. would you please tell me where to learn these classifications? is there an example somewhere? please please help me

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