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How do I delete a Simulink template?

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I created a Simulink template that I no longer wanted to show on my "Simulink Start Page" so I deleted the .sltx file. Now I am getting the following error (pretty much continuously)
Warning: An error has occurred during refresh of Action named createNewBlankModelAction.
Warning: Generator should return a DAStudio.ToolSchema.
Warning: Error reading file "C:\Users\Charlie\Documents\MATLAB\ME322_326_Blank_Model.sltx". Failed to open reader with error: Package does not exist
Do I need to do something in Simulink so that it stops looking for this template file?

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Robert Lipham
Robert Lipham il 26 Apr 2020
I think I found the cause of the problem and a solution.
The reason this warning shows up is because MATLAB is looking for the default model template, but the file does not exist. In order to fix this you need to give it the location of a new default model template file.
Here is the code I used to fix the error on my machine. It resets the Simulink default template model to the factory version provided by MATLAB.
filename = Simulink.findTemplates('factory_default_model');
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Charles Refvem
Charles Refvem il 27 Apr 2020
Success! Thank you.
It seems easy enough for the devs to include logic that checks for a default template and then reverts back to the factory default if it finds the file missing.
Robert Lipham
Robert Lipham il 27 Apr 2020
I think that might cause some issues if you are missing files unintentionally. Though you would think a total re-install would default to the factory template.

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Alessandro il 29 Ott 2019
I am facing the same problem, please Mathworks staff clarify this issue ...

Paul King
Paul King il 6 Feb 2020
Modificato: Paul King il 6 Feb 2020
I have checked and the template file that it is complaining about does exist
Any ideas anyone ??

Sviatoslav Klos
Sviatoslav Klos il 7 Feb 2020
Hi guys,
I am facing the same. For now I am dealing with it with the use of warning off; command in command window. Then, it is not disturbing me ;)
It might be so that you have to run the command every time you lunch MATLAB or automate this thing in some way.

Srimouli Rukmabhatla
Srimouli Rukmabhatla il 26 Mar 2020
You can remove the template from Simulink start page, Navigate to template location specified in template details and delete the template .For more information about templates refer the documentation
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Robert Lipham
Robert Lipham il 14 Apr 2020
Modificato: Robert Lipham il 26 Apr 2020
This answer does not address the issue. Further, I'm still having this issue even after resinstalling MATLAB in its entirety. MATLAB seems to be looking for a Simulink template file even though it has been removed. The refresh action seems to occur each time something major happens in Simulink (like opening a new Simulink file or closing Simulink).
裴国彪 il 12 Ott 2022
This can only delete the template file only, the group name is still in Startup Page.

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