How Can I load N .txt files with different name in a for loop?

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Hi all,
I have to load some .txt files from different subdirectory. The files name is the same for all of them, only the subdirectory's name changes. I have wrote this code but I have a problem: at each cycle the for loop overwrite the imported matrix. How Can I rename differently the imported matrices? Thx a lot!
SS=string(ones(N,1)); %declare matrix
s=(pwd); %check path
for i=1:N
SS(i,1)= sprintf('Risultati%d', i);
importdata(ss(i)); %%i can use also load function

Answers (2)

Prasad Parameswaran
Prasad Parameswaran on 22 Oct 2019
MATLAB most useful and powerful feature is its ability to work with arrays. It is better to store the imported matrices in a single array and keep appending the matrices as each file is being imported. You can access a matrix from a particular file by proper indexing.

Gianmarco Manzo
Gianmarco Manzo on 22 Oct 2019
ThX.. I've used struct variable.


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