How to set the position of the label in a contour plot?

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Dear all,
I need help in draw a contour plot. I got a contour plot using the following code:
[c2,h2]=contour(xx(6:300),yy(6:300),Theta_e(6:300,6:300),'--b','LineWidth',0.2,'ShowText','on','labelspacing', 700);
The postion of label in the blue lines are set with 'labelspacing'. But I want the position of the label in the blue lines at the end of the blue lines. I wonder how to do it.
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Prasad Parameswaran
Prasad Parameswaran on 22 Oct 2019
The function "clabel" will solve the issue.
With "clabel(c,h,'manual')" command you can add the label at locations you select with the mouse. For further reference see this link.

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