How to create a state space model and/or model using transfer function from an existing Simulink model? to replicate the results from simulink

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Trying to model and replicate the results from simulink model using State space modelling and using Transfer functions.
Is it possible to directly covert my simlink models to replicate the results in the respective modelling methods?
if not, Is it possible to get the A,B,C,D differential equations from the simulink and model the SS after?
and Is it possible to get the equations for the TF model from simulink?
My Simulink model has three subsystems.
Do let me know if you need further infomation.
Any advise on how to approch or material that could help me understand will be great
Thanks for your time

Answers (1)

Prasad Parameswaran
Prasad Parameswaran on 23 Oct 2019
You can use the input output data of the simulunk model to identify the system using "iddata". Refer:
Find transfer function of the sysytem using "tfest" function. Refer:
Once you have the trasfer function use "tf2ss" function to get the state space representation. Refer:

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