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Servo control without controller

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Elias Kirk
Elias Kirk il 22 Ott 2019
Risposto: Bhuvnesh Rathor il 17 Ago 2020
I am looking to create a MATLAB program that will connect directly to a servo motor with a driver and encoder. Whether this connection is through USB or RS-232 is arbitrary, but guidance on that is appreciated.
My goal is to create a GUI that can handle two different types of user input. The first is degrees of rotation, so if the user enters 10 then the motor will rotate 10 degrees clockwise. If the user enters -720, the motor will complete 720 degrees of counterclockwise rotation. The second type of input is time/direction, so a user can enter a time (in seconds) and direction (+/-) and the motor will rotate continuously in that direction for the given time period.
First, is this all feasible and possible? If so, what are some resources that would be recommended for learning the necessary code and obtaining the best hardware for the job?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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M il 22 Ott 2019
have you tried something so far ?
Do you need help to connect matlab and the motor ?
In this case you should specify what is your problem exactly.
You can start reading this:
Do you need help for the control part ? Have you tried something already ?
You could start here (example for dc motor but idea is the same):

Bhuvnesh Rathor
Bhuvnesh Rathor il 17 Ago 2020
Servo Motor are likewise called Control motors and utilized in feedback control systems as yield actuators. Its newer use for continuous energy transmission or conversion. The standard of the Servo motor is like that of the other electromagnetic motor, yet the development and the activity are extraordinary.

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