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How do i assign output arguments while using isosurface function?

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Hello all,
I am getting an error while executing isosurface function,
[faces, verts, colors] = isosurface(double(x),double(y),double(z),double(v),0,double(v));
where x, y, z and v have the same dimension 2001*2001*153
Error : Output argument "cout" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "isosurface".
WHat is the meaning of this and how can i solve this error?
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Articat il 4 Mar 2020
Were you able to get any solution to this? ... experiencing the same problem
jdiva6t9 il 22 Mar 2020
I experienced the same issue, and found I was using an invalid isovalue for the implicit surface function I created "v" with.
You might want to try different isovalues instead of "0" and see if this fixes the issue. It's hard to know your exact problem without more information.

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Debarghya Kundu
Debarghya Kundu il 15 Gen 2021
You might get the error, "Output argument <variable> (and maybe others) not assigned during call to <function>" due to the following reasons:
  • One of the functions you have called is defined to return an output argument but that output argument does not exist in the function when it tries to return.
  • You have misspelled the name of one of your output arguments inside your function, or you have forgotten to assign a value to one of the output arguments of your function.
  • Alternatively, the function was originally written with one or more output arguments, but the section of the function that computed the output argument was removed or modified in such a way that the output argument is now extraneous.
Stop MATLAB on the last line of the function listed in the warning or error message. Verify that each of the output arguments listed in the function declaration line at the beginning of the function exist after that last line is executed (using the DBSTEP function or the Step button in the Editor). If the arguments do not exist, examine the function to determine where you intended the arguments to be declared. Verify that those lines of code are being executed and have no typographical errors.
Example demonstrating this error:




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