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defining simulink variables through matlab srcript

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Ajith Thomas
Ajith Thomas il 29 Ott 2019
Commentato: galaxy il 30 Ott 2019
how can I define variables through matlab script? I am using trial version

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galaxy il 29 Ott 2019
You can create variables to workspace and in simulink, enable acess to base workspace.
For create variables via script, let 's try as following
v = genvarname('name_variable', who);
eval([v '= 1']); %% assign variable value
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Ajith Thomas
Ajith Thomas il 29 Ott 2019
defined variable in matlab script is not loading to simulink model. this is the issue which i am facing
galaxy il 30 Ott 2019
You must using "name_variable" in simulink model which same as workspace, and in model, please acess to base workspace as following

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