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Visualize labeled 3D data with light

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János Somogyi
János Somogyi il 30 Ott 2019
There are the two commands volshow and labelvolshow. The former one can display 3D intensity data with a light source and the latter labeled 3D data but without a light source. I'd like to display 3D labeled data with a light source so I can see the 3D structures/texture etc. Actually this should work by defining a colormap when using volshow, but it only accepts colormaps in 256x3 format and I'd like to define a colormap for labels. So if I have the labels [1,2,3] in my 3D data, I'd like to define for each label a color, such that the colormap would look like [1,0,0; 0,1,0; 0,0,1]. Is there a way so that could work properly?

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Pratheek Punchathody
Pratheek Punchathody il 7 Apr 2021
In 3-D Volumetric Image Processing, we have Volume viewer app that lets you view 3-D volumetric data and 3-D labeled volumetric data. Using Explore 3-D Labeled Volumetric Data with Volume Viewer App, you can view the labeled volume by itself or view the labels as an overlay on the intensity volume.
You view the labeled volume and the intensity volume in the Volume Viewer at the same time. Refer to the documentation on Embed Labeled Volume with Intensity Volume for more information.
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