Classification problem (Spatial patterns)

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Simon Downes
Simon Downes on 4 Nov 2019
Answered: Jyotish Kumar on 12 Nov 2019
The testing dataset consists of 100 records of which I have only uploaded a small sample.Each record is saved in a separate excel file and contains 10x10 matrix with only one spatial pattern. The pattern is located in different part of the matrix and polluted with some added noise, the patterns are included in an excel format. I need to create a method to recognise the pattern within each of the files contained within the dataset. I am very new to MatLab and I am unsure how to classify or where to begin, please if you could point me in the direction of good learning material currently I am self learning machine learning and neural networks.

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Jyotish Kumar
Jyotish Kumar on 12 Nov 2019




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