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Where is the "MATLAB support for IOS sensors" located for MATLAB Ver. r2019a

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I have read that it is not available for r2019b but it would be extremely helpful for me to get it. Is it available for r2019a? If so, where do i go to get it?
Thank you

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 5 Nov 2019
You can find a list of all the Apple support packages here
You should also be able to find it through the Add-Ins and Get Hardware Support Packages drop down on the MATLAB desktop. You should search for Apple and it should give you the same list as the link above.

AngryMob il 14 Mar 2020
Modificato: AngryMob il 14 Mar 2020
since it is not clear if MATLAB support for IOS sensors is available in future releases, i record iphone sensor data with the app:
you can connect the iphone sensors via a web interface. it is quite easy.
Have a look to:


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