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How idx runs and give its value ?

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Atique Barudgar
Atique Barudgar il 8 Nov 2019
Risposto: M il 8 Nov 2019
a=[34.8 31 29 26.7 39.5]; %dummy data
After running:
Now I am not clear when in answer idx=1
then how a(idx)=34.8 came
Even I am not clear about idx...why its values change everytime

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M il 8 Nov 2019
abs(a-n) =
1.8000 2.0000 4.0000 6.3000 6.5000
then min(abs(a-n)) = 1.8, and the location of this minimum value (idx) appears at the first value of the vector.
Where is the problem ?


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