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Trying to update to R2019b Update 1

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janhavi patil
janhavi patil il 13 Nov 2019
Trying to update to R2019b Update 1 but under the help->check for updates section it shows it is up to date and not able to further update.
What should be done?
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 13 Nov 2019
What version does the version function report you're running? Can you show us that output?
janhavi patil
janhavi patil il 18 Nov 2019
This is output when I run 'version' on the command window.
ans =
' (R2019b)'

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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith il 2 Dic 2020
Refer to the below links which provides steps for "Online Update Installer" and "Offline Update Installer"
and to download and install a MATLAB Update manually refer to the below link:
Hope this helps!


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