Parallel Server: UndefinedFunction error was thrown on the workers

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We are testing running a cluster on a single worker node with Parallel Server. When running simple script to compute a stepwise GLM, we get the following error:
An UndefinedFunction error was thrown on the workers for 'stepwiseglm'. This might be because the file containing 'stepwiseglm' is not accessible on the
workers. Use addAttachedFiles(pool, files) to specify the required files to be attached. For more information, see the documentation for
Caused by:
Undefined function 'stepwiseglm' for input arguments of type 'double'.
The stepwiseglm function is part of the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox. Our script runs fine locally on the client node, either with a regular for loop, or parallelized with parfor.
Trying to run another function from the toolbox (anova1) on the cluster produces the same error, while running a non-toolbox function on the cluster (randperm) works without issue.
We are seriously at a loss for what the issue could be. It seems to be the combination of Parallel Server and toolbox functions. We would appreciate any pointers.
Other details: the client node (Windows 10) is also the head node and separate from the worker node (on Ubuntu).

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 14 Nov 2019
It sounds like the installation on the server may be missing the toolbox installation? Generally when installing Parallel Server it's recommended to do an all products installation so everything is there.
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Domen Smalc
Domen Smalc on 14 Nov 2019
Well, now I feel a bit stupid. Your suggestion worked. I guess I quietly assumed we would need a license for the statistics toolbox for each worker node and didn't even try installing.
Thank you so much, Jason!

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