Select matrix for training,testing and validation on ANN

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Hello to all,
completeX = [1:+1:100;2:+2:200]';
completeY = [1:+1:100]';
From my data set i divided in a specific form and I got a Xtrain (72x2), Xcv (8x2) and Xtest (20x2)
i would like to tell the net which matrix is the training, validation and testing, instead of matlab performing the random spliting, is that possible?
net = fitnet(10,'trainlm');
net.divideParam.train = Xtrain;
net.divideParam.val = Xcv;
net.divideParam.test = Xtest;
[net, TR] = train(net,completeX',completeY');
Hope it was clear,

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Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta il 4 Dic 2019
You may try dividing the whole dataset based on the indices as understandable from the question. Below code may help.
completeX = [1:+1:100;2:+2:200]';
completeY = [1:+1:100]';
net = fitnet(10,'trainlm');
net.divideFcn = 'divideind';
net.divideParam.trainInd = 1:72;
net.divideParam.valInd = 73:80;
net.divideParam.testInd = 81:100;
[net, TR] = train(net,completeX',completeY');
TR.trainInd , TR.valInd , TR.testInd will give the indices of training , validation and test data which can be used to find performance of the network. You may manipulate above indices vector as required.
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Tiago Dias
Tiago Dias il 4 Dic 2019
Modificato: Tiago Dias il 4 Dic 2019
Thanks, but i did a workaround.
I forced the validation and testing to be zero. So that i could use the train function only for the training set, then i validate with the testing set, in order to choose the right number of neurons for the hidden layer. Then i tested with the testing set.
What you wrote it was a good idea as well. since I got the 3 matrixes, i could merge them, and in that matter the first rows are training, then validation and testing, didnt think of that thanks!

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