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How to create and plot a Gaussian Dist with specified parameters?

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How would you create a Gaussian distribution of some form; G = A*exp -(x-mu)^2/2*sigma^2
where A, mu, and Sigma are specified and given and x are some frequency axis values and how would you plot this?

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Sourav Bairagya
Sourav Bairagya il 10 Dic 2019
You can follow this example to create and plot a Gaussian distribution.
a = -100; b = 100;
x = a + (b-a) * rand(1, 500);
mu = (a + b)/2;
sigma = 30;
f = gaussian_distribution(x, mu, sigma);
grid on
title('Gaussian Distribution Curve')
ylabel('Gauss Distribution')
function f = gaussian_distribution(x, mu, sigma)
p = -(1/2) * ((x - mu)/sigma) .^ 2;
A = 1/(sigma * sqrt(2*pi));
f = A.*exp(p);

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