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CUDA support for MATLAB 2019B

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engineer il 9 Dic 2019
Modificato: Jason Ross il 9 Dic 2019
Hi all
I have installed latest version of CUDA 10.2.89. I can see that I installed properly by checking on windows command window. However, when I type 'gpuDevice' on MATLAB command window, it tells that I have got CUDA version 8 and is not supported by MATLAB 2019. Can anyone help me how to sort this out?

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 9 Dic 2019
Modificato: Jason Ross il 9 Dic 2019
It sounds like you perhaps installed the toolkit and SDK and didn't update the driver. Run "nvidia-smi" and see what driver version you are using from "c:\program files\nvidia corporation\nvsmi\nvidia-smi.exe", which will tell you the driver version that's found.
On Windows the driver update is pretty much a "click next" wizard to go to a newer version.

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