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Does Matlab2019b support Visual Studio 2013 C++ compiler?

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azad il 17 Dic 2019
Risposto: Jason Ross il 18 Dic 2019
I have matlab code that requires interfacing with NVIDIA GPU and CUDA toolkit. This requires the Visual Studio 2013 C++ compiler. Does Matlab 2019b work with the Visual Studio 2013 C++ compiler? How do I setup Matlab to use this compiler?

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 18 Dic 2019
The last release to support Visual Studio 2013 was 2018a (see : supported compilers for past releases).
As for setting up the compiler, CUDA toolkit, and using it -- you do that with mex and mexcuda. Check the Tips section of the mexcuda documentation for getting the proper dependencies and versions of the CUDA toolkit set up.
In terms of getting your current setup to work, you might be able to get it to work, but it's also highly possible that there are dependencies that will be missing/unsatisfied in the older versions, especially since you have the compiler version, CUDA toolkit version, and MATLAB version all at versions that have not been tested together in any way.


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