How to take screenshot of a web page automatically using MATLAB?

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I want to take screenshots of particularly google maps in every 15 minutes to capture the traffic condition. Is it possible? I want to run it for few hours a day.
Also, how to capture thesew data and save in excel ?

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Andreas Bernatzky
Andreas Bernatzky il 19 Dic 2019
Hi Tanzina,
because I have not yet tackled such a task I can make only a few assumptions.
For taking a screenshot:
For open a webpage (googlemaps):
For evaluating your data you should consult an image processing expert....
But it would be much more easier if you would access the data via the google maps API. I do not know if your project is commercial or university but working with the API will be an easier method than evaluating data with image processing.
Can you send me your route? It sounds interesting to me and I want to try it out.

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