alternative visualisations of 3 vectors

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ismail bhamjee
ismail bhamjee il 20 Dic 2019
Risposto: Eric Sofen il 10 Gen 2020
I have two 3 vectors and I wish to visulaise the relationship between them.
They both contain day, month and year.
>> hold on
>> scatter3(s2.Day,s2.Month,s2.Year,'*')
>> hold off
I have used scatter3 plot to see the Relationship between them.
this is what is produced
Are they any alternative plots which might produce a clearer relationship between them?

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Eric Sofen
Eric Sofen il 10 Gen 2020
You could construct datetimes from those separate vectors of year/month/day, and then plot the datetime variables. That brings you back to 2D and should make things easier to see given the density of your data.
% Cook up some data
>> f.Day = randi(31,10,1);
>> f.Month = randi(12,10,1);
>> f.Year = 2020 + randi(10,10,1);
>> s.Day = randi(31,10,1);
>> s.Month = randi(12,10,1);
>> s.Year = 2015 + randi(10,10,1);
fdatetime = datetime(f.Year,f.Month,f.Day)
sdatetime = datetime(s.Year,s.Month,s.Day)


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