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How to change the property of a GUI button by a function?

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I am writing a GUI function. Some uicontrols need to switch their position in certain cases. So I wrote a nested function, to switch their positions if needed.
But it turned out, that their positions were only switched in the nest function. Outside the nested function, they kept their previous positions.
So how to change the UI's properties by functions?
To make it simple, my functions were as following.
function main_func()
h = figure();
b1 = uicontrol(h, 'some properties', 'Position', p1);
b2 = uicontrol(h, 'some properties', 'Position', p2);
function switchPosition()
set(b1, 'Position', p2);
set(b2, 'Position', p1);
I also tried function with b1 and b2 as the input variables, but it didn't work either.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 25 Dic 2019
Try this
function switchPosition(b1, b2)
pos1 = b1.Position;
pos2 = b2.Position;
b1.Position = pos2;
b2.Position = pos1;
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Albert Bing
Albert Bing il 26 Dic 2019
I know what I was doing wrong.
The function I wrote was actually right, but I used it in a wrong way. So they were switched, and switched back.

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