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Is is possible to change the font size of a questdlg's buttons?

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I know the message can be set by opts in answer = questdlg(quest,dlgtitle,btn1,btn2,btn3,opts).
But is it possible to also change the font size of the buttons?
This page default-property-values gives some infomations. I checked the result of get(groot, 'factory'). There are factoryTextFontSize, factoryUibuttongroupFontSize, and factoryUicontrolFontSize.
But the command set(groot, 'factoryTextFontSize', 12) didn't work. Apparently get(groot, 'default) gives only 5 properties.
So how to deal with the default settings above?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 31 Dic 2019
The buttons are created using uicontrol(), which permits html 1.1 . For example,
questdlg('Hello World ?','Hello','<html><font size="20">World','<html>what<sup>now','<html>what<sup>now');
Note that changing the font size does not make the buttons any larger, just the font size.
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Albert Bing
Albert Bing il 2 Gen 2020
Thank you! It works.
Just wonder from which version the html was supported.

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami il 30 Dic 2019
Modificato: Mohammad Sami il 30 Dic 2019
You can use the optional opts argument to enable the Interpreter tex. Then you can use the supported modifier \fontsize{..} in front of your text.
questdlg('\fontsize{20}Hello World ?','Hello',struct('Default','','Interpreter','tex'));
You can check the documentation for all the supported modifiers.
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Albert Bing
Albert Bing il 31 Dic 2019
This opts only changes the message's font. What I really want to find out is how to change the font of the buttons, the selection buttons with text "Yes", "No", "Cancel" by default.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 31 Dic 2019
I believe that button text is an operating system setting. You can change it there. Or maybe you can override that with the things others showed here. If you want something totally custom (button sizes, locations, colors, etc.) you'll have to build your own little applet with GUIDE or App Designer.


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