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OOBPredictorImportance How to interpret the values range?

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To be able to calculate the importance of the predictors for TreeBagger it is needed to turn on the OOBPredictorImportance parameter
Mdl = TreeBagger(200,X,'MPG','Method','regression','Surrogate','on','PredictorSelection','curvature','OOBPredictorImportance','on');
I would like to know what is the range of the parameters, the results for my regression is beetween 0 and 1.5, is that good? bad? What more conclusions can I draw from that vector?
Thanks for your time!

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Adrian Jacinto
Adrian Jacinto il 4 Giu 2020
Hi, really this parameter have no range. This parameter only explain you how important is a band compared to other bands. When you a have a higuest values associated with a band, this indicates that this band is more important than the rest.
You can make the result more visual by applying the bar () function on the OOB vector to make a bar diagram.
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Tiago Dias
Tiago Dias il 4 Giu 2020
Ok, thanks for you input.
I tought that perhaps it would be on percentage or something like that. IT is more quanlitative then quantitative.

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