how to install matlab on windows 10

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vrunda patel
vrunda patel il 7 Gen 2020
I am a student and i require free version of Matlab if availabe for windows

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Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar il 7 Gen 2020
If you are a student, then see if your university/college has a Campus-Wide Access. For checking go to:
If unfortunately your university doesn't provide the licence. You could actually buy a MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite which is cheaper compared to the commercial licence. Again, you have to prove the student status for this.
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Cedric SHINGIRO il 25 Apr 2021
Do licenses apply internationally
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 4 Dic 2023
MATLAB licenses are only valid for the region they are purchased in, unless you get permission from Mathworks.
Typically, Mathworks will require that you pay for the license at the most expensive of the rates for the region, allowing you to use the license in any region in which the rates were less expensive. They do not want someone purchasing at third-world prices and using in Europe for example.

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