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Lost feature ... MATLAB Path update upon setting breakpoint

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In an older version of MATLAB, it used to be the case that upon setting a breakpoint in a file which was not on the path, the user would be prompted to add the containing directory to the path. That no longer seems to be the case ... I did not track down exactly in which version this capability was lost.
Does anyone know how to recover this capability? I can't seem to be able to find anything in the settings of MATLAB.
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Andrew Janke
Andrew Janke il 31 Gen 2020
Looks like this is gone. Time to hassle :)

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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula il 27 Mar 2020
This was an intended change in behavior for 14b to allow users to create accurate breakpoints without needing the file to be on the path.
To change the directory to a given file, use the feature designed expressly for that purpose: right-clicking on the file's tab and selecting "Change Current Folder".
You can also add the file to the path, rather than (or in addition to) setting a breakpoint, by right-clicking the tab with the file name in the Editor and selecting "Add <foldername> to Search Path" . This operation will put the file's folder onto the top of the MATLAB path.
Finally, you can programatically create a script that will add the necessary folders to the path with the "addpath" command and execute this script before debugging your code
Hope this helps!


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