How to modify the text visibility in a Gui that created using App Designer

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Dear Coder,
I have develop a gui using AppDeveloper.
In a separate main.m file, I would like to display the GUI and change the visibility of a Label. Say the component having name of app.Label.
If using GUIDE, I know the command to achieve this will be
But having migrated to App Developer, the command is not working.
Some method in the net show that the code should be something like below, however, its is not working for my case.
app.Label.Visible = 'off'
Appreciate if someone can show which part i do wrong

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Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar il 21 Gen 2020
Modificato: Ajay Kumar il 21 Gen 2020
What is the exact name of the component? I would suggest you to rename it if its only Label.
For example, if you rename it to Component1EditField, then to change the visibility, you can use:
app.Component1EditFieldLabel.Visible = 'off';
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