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How to show first value on axis cuted with xlim?

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I am using xlim to make my axis shorter, but on that way Matlab does not show me first value on shorter axis.
More detailed: I am using command xlim([1 21]); and I need that number 1 on the x axis. How should I correct that, instead of using some graphic programs?
This zero on picture is from vertical axis, I am looking for the first value on the horizontal axis.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 28 Gen 2020
Altering the xlim is not going to change the automatic tick calculation, which tries for 4 to 5 ticks at nice "round" numbers. If you want the first value labeled you need to put in an xtick there.
xticks( [1, xticks()] )

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ME il 28 Gen 2020
I just tried your way and I am getting the zero showing up on the x-axis so I'm not sure what is going on there.
As an alternative you could try using axis instead and see if that helps.
axis([x_min x_max y_min y_max])
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I G il 28 Gen 2020
Modificato: I G il 28 Gen 2020
Maybe I did not explain on the correct way. I am using command xlim([1 21]); and I need that number 1 on the x axis.
axis([x_min x_max y_min y_max])
as you suggested is the same, without 1 on x axis.

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ME il 28 Gen 2020
Sorry, that's my fault.
In that case you'll need to change the tick locations - see the below for more information.


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