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How to generate 1000 bit with QPSK

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Dini il 9 Ott 2012
Modificato: Ved il 27 Ott 2013
How can I generate 1000 bit +1 and -1 equiprobably then msp into QPSK symbol? Which 1 QPSK symbol brings 2 bit. What should I do? Thank you...

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Ved il 27 Ott 2013
Modificato: Ved il 27 Ott 2013
To generate equiprobable 0s and 1s,use either one:
rand(1,1000)>.5 % generate almost equiprobable 1x1000 logical array of 0s & 1s
randi([0 1],1,1000) % 1x1000 double array of almost equiprobable 0s & 1s
and to map data to 4-ary PSK,either use "pskmod" or "comm.PSKModulator"
Type this into command window to get more insight.
help pskmod % its an obsolete function
help comm.PSKModulator % new function

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