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2019b warnings popping up never had this before with 2019a

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Hi all,
I have been running my code and processing stuff normally with matlab until I upgraded to 2019b
can some one help me solve this error please?
Warning: PNG library warning: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 0h: PCS illuminant is not D50.
Everything worked perfect until i hit the upgrade button!
now everything is arguing!
Help Please!
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Guillaume il 13 Feb 2020
Modificato: Guillaume il 13 Feb 2020
Comment by Matpar originally posted as an answer moved here:
Hi all,
these warnings are fiercely persistant!
I am trying to get the classification process completed but this is my error for which I am having some challenges interpreting!
Warning: Unable to find any region proposals to use as positive training samples. Lower the first value of PositiveOverlapRange to increase the number of positive region proposals.
> In vision.internal.rcnn.BBoxTrainingDataDispatcher (line 127)
In rcnnObjectDetector.trainBBoxRegressor (line 279)
In rcnnObjectDetector.train (line 261)
In trainRCNNObjectDetector (line 268)
In test17 (line 137)
Can a professional help me solve the highlighted?
Thanx in advance for acknowledging my novice approach!
Guillaume il 13 Feb 2020
You won't get any professional help here I'm afraid, we're all volunteers.
This is a completely different warning. The previous warning was issued when you loaded an image with some unexpected metadata. Unless you were using the embedded ICC profile (you'd know if you were), you can safely ignore/disable it.
This new warning looks a lot more serious. It looks like it's telling you that one of your training doesn't have any recognisable training data, so most likely you need to review your training data and/or your detection algorithm. I don't have the required toolbox so can't help you any further.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 12 Feb 2020
I've seen this warning in 19b too! Not sure if there is a change to the PNG library being used or if my image is corrupt/out of spec. Please contact support with the offending image.

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