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Error: 'The library cudnnApi is not supported by the current target, language or compiler.'

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How do you solve this? I am making a Simulink Model using a YOLOv2 Detector. I inserted a MATLAB function block and am trying to run the model
function targets = roboSubPredict(total_Targets_Possible, img)
%hwobj = jetson;
%w = webcam(hwobj,1);
%d = imageDisplay(hwobj);
targets = 0;
bboxMat = zeros(total_Targets_Possible,4);
persistent yolo2Object;
if isempty(yolo2Object)
yolo2Object = coder.loadDeepLearningNetwork('resnet101_10_preprocessed.mat');
% yolo2Object = load('resnet101_10_preprocessed.mat');
% grab an image and annotate it
img = imresize(img,[224 224]);
[bboxes,scores,labels] = yolo2Object.detect(img,'Threshold',0.6);
Building the model results in error because it is attempting to use yolo2Object.detect(img,'Threshold',0.6); which uses cudnnApi I think. I already have the prerequisite software downloaded and used them to generate code before. How do I get my compiler 'Microsoft Visual Studio 2019' to use the cudnnApi?

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