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how to plot a 3D matrix in cartezian coordinate?

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Giselle il 21 Feb 2020
Commentato: darova il 6 Mar 2020
I have a 3 dimentional matrix. and each cell has a value. I want to plot this in x-y-z coordinates, where the magnitude of value of each cell define the color of the node(or cell).
I tried scatter3, with no luck. could any body help me?
here is the code to generate the den matrix.
x = linspace(-3,3,512);
y = linspace(-3,3,512);
[X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y);
zz = linspace(0,5,512);
for z=1:512
den(:,:,z)=exp(-1 * ((X).^2+(Y).^2 ))*(100/z^2); %den is a 512x512x512 matrix
I looked trough other questions here, but couldn't find the answer.
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Giselle il 6 Mar 2020
Hi, I did, and it is not what I want. I mean I need to have a full plot, before slice it.

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Daniel Vieira
Daniel Vieira il 21 Feb 2020

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