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How to Store this attached rgbimage with a colormap. I tried the following code but could not write the image with colormap.

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I tried the following code to write the image with map. But again the colormap is null.
[img, map] = imread('1.jpg');
map = []
>> [indimg,map1] = rgb2ind(img,32);
>> imwrite(indimg,map1,'new.jpg');
>> [img, map] = imread('new.jpg');
>> map
map = []


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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 1 Mar 2020
Your are writing the image in JPEG format and imwrite converts indexed images to RGB before writing data to JPEG files, because the JPEG format does not support indexed images.
Use the code below
[img, ~] = imread('yourImage.jpg');
[ind1, map1] = rgb2ind(img, 32);
imwrite(ind1, map1, 'yourImageNew.png'); % Don't change the extension to .jpg or .jpeg
[img2, map2] = imread('yourImageNew.png');

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ANITA JASMINE on 2 Mar 2020
Thanks a lot. This code is working. Now I could store the image with map and take it for further processing..

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