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Simulink Raspberry Hardware External Mode Error Issue

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Firstly sorry about my english. I could make some mistake.
I have a problem about raspbery pi hardware on simulink. You can see on the pictures bottom.
I m tring to control led and gpio pin on raspberry. I click Build, Deploy & Start. It works.
But then i click Monitor&Tune for monitoring signals. It error that i can not find solution.
I tried diffrent version of matlab but happened same error.
By the way my hardware setting is just like this link :
What can i do for fix this issue ? Thanks for help.

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Sylvain il 9 Dic 2022
It is really difficult to read the error in the screenshots but I guess it is due to a failed connexion with the Raspberry Pi.
1) make sure you clear connexions (from Matlab) if you have a raspberry pi object in the workspace (this will block the communication).
2) close all SSH communications with the Rpi
3) From Matlab try to ping to the RPi by invoking the command: raspberrypi().
3a) if no raspberry pi is detected, you must setup the raspberry pi using the support package add-on tool: Home>Add-Ons>Manage Addons > Support package for Raspberry pi and click the wheel.
3b) if your raspberry pi is detected, make sure that in your simulink you have specified the hardware ip address.
Try to recompile.


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