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DAB for Solid state transformer

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Robin Van
Robin Van il 2 Mar 2020
Commentato: PRABHAT il 23 Mag 2023
I’m working on simulation of 3-Phase Solid state transformer (SST)
It has three stages AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC.
I need help for implementing the 2nd stage on Simulink <DC/DC> for this I'm using DAB with Full bridge
Now problem is that, what should be the valves of capacitor and inductor?
And how to control the IGBT block i.e. gate pulse values
Transformer parameter
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PRABHAT il 23 Mag 2023
Please I need the simulink model. Here is my email. luckyprabhat7@gmail.Com Thank you

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Dr. T Vijay Muni
Dr. T Vijay Muni il 22 Ago 2020
Depends on the rating of the Converter

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel il 21 Ago 2020
Hello Robin,
you shoud start with this example to see how to control an IGBT.
This site cannot provide you design values for your capacitor and inductor. You will have to determine that yourself based on your design requirements.


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