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Assign fields to structure array in Simulink

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I have an Array of 5 structures, say A(1), A(2)...A(5). Each of them have 3 fields which are: A(i).field1, A(i).field2, A(i).field3.
I would like to assign a constant value to each field in all structure using Simulink blocks. I am using for loop to circle amongst A(i). How can I access field1, field2, field3 in each structure?

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stozaki il 3 Mar 2020
You can use MATLAB Function as following.
I attached example model and .mat included struct data.
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VuKhoa il 5 Mar 2020
Thank you! Is it impossible to create a structure without a .mat file?
stozaki il 6 Mar 2020
You need a .mat file.
If you can use the bus signal, you can use a method like the attachment.
The method is to assign structure variables to bus signals.
run myData
run myBus

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